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"The Master Clockmaker" Joseph Ives of Connecticut

By Lockwood Barr

Hobbies - The Magazine for Collectors, January, 1939

      Introduction Page 1

      The Ives Family Page 2

      Joseph Ives Page 3

      Ives Wagon Spring Page 4

      30 Day Wagon Spring Clocks Page 5

      Note: There are excellent books upon clockmakers of old England and New England. There is no reference work upon the clockmakers of old Bristol, Conn., which city for more than 150 years since the American Revolution has been the center of the clockmaking industry in this country. This article on Joseph Ives, is from data on Clockmaking in Bristol compiled by Lockwood Barr and Carleton W. Buell which has been donated to Yale Library by the sponsors, Edward Ingraham and Dudley S. Ingraham of Bristol, Conn. - The Editors.


Submitted by: Samuel Kirk (##)

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